How To Fix A Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice

If your refrigerator is not dispensing ice, there are two possible causes for the problem. These causes are:

1) The ice maker is not working

2) The ice maker is not dispensing ice

If you suspect that ice maker is not working properly, you must take the following steps.

refrigerator dispensing iceCheck the condition of water supply line

If the ice maker of your home appliance is not working and you hear a buzzing  sound for about 15 seconds, it means that water valve is asking for more water. To solve this problem, you must try to identify the reasons for disruption in water supply. Make sure the tube that supplies water supply to the ice maker is not kinked. This tube is usually located beneath or behind the refrigerator.

Fill tube is Frozen

If the ice cubes are getting smaller by the day, it indicates that the fill tube is frozen. There are several parts that can be responsible for this problem. Therefore, it is best to get help from a professional refrigerator repairman to solve this problem.

Check the Ice Mold

If there is no change in the size of the ice cube, you must check the condition of the electric connections that control the working of the ice mold and supply fill valve. Checking these electric connections involves live-voltage tests, which must be done by professionals.

Check the water supply line

The tube that supplies water to the freezer may be blocked. To check the condition of the water supply line, you must locate the shut-off valve and turn it off. Dismantle the water supply tube and put one end of the tube in the bucket. Turn on the valve and check if the water pours out of the tube. If water does not pour out of the tube, you may have to change the tube.

Check the condition of Tap Valve

The tab valve is a small device that connects the water supply tube of the ice maker to the water supply pipe of your house. If the tap valve is damaged, it may disrupt water supply to the ice maker. You may have to replace the valve when it is broken or damaged. When buying a new valve, make sure you get the exact size, as irregular size will not fit the water supply tubes.

Check the Solenoid

The house water supply line attaches to the solenoid, which is usually located at the bottom or back of the household appliance. If the solenoid does not receive power or is defective, it may disrupt water supply to the ice maker. If you suspect that solenoid is a problem, disconnect the power supply to the machine. Remove the sediment screen from the solenoid and clean it with water. Also, check the condition of diaphragms and seals that are attached to the solenoid. If any part is damaged, you must replace it immediately.

Some of the parts that can prevent the ice maker from dispensing ice include:

Ice Bucket Auger

The auger is located in the machine’s recycle bin and it is responsible for pushing out ice when the dispenser is activated. This part is driven by the motor that is mounted behind the ice bin. If the ice bucket auger is not working, you must first verify the operation of the motor. The gear box of the motor will make some noise when it is operating. You can easily hear this sound when the freezer door is closed.

If the motor is not working, you can check the continuity using a multi-meter. Before performing this test, disconnect the power supply to the machine. If there is no problem with the motor, you must check whether the motor is receiving power supply. If there is no power supply, you must check the condition of the switch and the actuator.

Ice Dispenser Actuator

This part is responsible for activating the micro switch of the dispenser. The actuator is usually a plastic lever that is covered by a soft pad. You will hear a click sound when the actuator contacts the switch. If the motor or the dispenser is not receiving power, you must check the condition of the micro switch and the actuator. If you suspect that the actuator is responsible for the problem, you should check the actuator assembly. Replace the part that is defective and check if the problem is solved.

This switch is activated when it receives power supply from the actuator. The switch is located behind the lever or pad and it dispenses ice when it is pressed. If you suspect that micro switch is the culprit, you must disconnect the power supply to the machine to check its condition. Remove the control panel cover and check the continuity of the switch using a multi-meter.

If you are still not able to locate the problem, it is best to get help from an expert. Today, there are many companies that specialize in repairing residential appliance. These companies have several expert technicians such as dryer service technicians, range repair technicians, and washer technicians who will visit your home to repair or service the machine.

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